My Life

Me in the 6th grade

My first memory of going through all this is being a lil over 2 and going into dr.’s office and having liquid nitrogen sprayed over most my back to burn off basal cell carcinomas. I know there were procedures before this but I can’t remember them, though I know what they were and for. This was the start of what has been a very long and painful journey, which has taught me a lot about myself, strength, endurance, sacrifice and human nature. Looking back at pictures of myself when I was younger and seeing the changes both visible and not make me think about my life. My features have changed as well as attitudes and how I see myself and the world around me, I’ve learned how cruel people can be when presented with something they don’t know, how I want to be treated and how I try to treat others, and how superficial this world can be.

Me in 1978

Saying that my life has been an adventure and struggle would by most people be an understatement , though at the same time I have experienced and done things most only dream of , I’ve traveled through all 50 states ,Canada,Mexico,and Puerto Rico. I worked with circuses carnivals have been called a hobo, bum, monster, freak, and beast, have seen the good, bad, ugly, and worst that society and the world have to offer, yet through it all have tried to stay positive and leave a positive mark behind me. I will be the first to admit, I haven’t always been the way I am today and most people who know me today say they couldn’t see or think of me being different than I am.

Me in 1981

This is something I have worked hard at to change me and who and where I was and came from, I had a lot of anger and violence in me when I was younger, most was because of my childhood and family and unfortunately it came out in very negative and hurtful ways, which caused a lot of people pain and suffering which I am not proud of and am sorry for and have tried to change myself and my world to the betterment of others.

me in high school

The journey I have been on has had many turns and twists, a lot of good and bad, heartache and broken dreams. Along the way I have made friends and enemies have hurt and been hurt, seen my world and I change both physically and personally. I have seen changes for good and bad in me and those around me and the world as whole; I’ve tried to stay positive through it all though not successful all the time. I have been suicidal and without hope to determined and stronger than I thought I could ever be. People have said that I am an inspiration and wish more people could know my story, as for me I am a survivor knowing that others have had challenges that I haven’t.

Me and My friend Brooke a few years back

I have always said “I wouldn’t wish my life on even my enemy “and that’s true though there are parts I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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One Response to My Life

  1. Andrew Reed says:

    Hi Matt you might not remember me but I do remember you. My sister in law Jackie Reed sent me this and I do remember picking on you but also being picked on myself by all the asshole jocks. Looking back we were wrong I know but kids are kids. I now have two boys of my own 11 and 14 they are not the picked on kids thank God. Sorry Andrew Reed and again you may not remember me but I am sorry for any pain I may have caused you although I do remember nothing to serious as some of those others did to many.Is that teachers name miss Hall in the class pic I do remember her face but most of all her HANDS. Long and boney. I now live in Massachusetts and am a Firefighter/Paramedic. Funny how life turns out. Hope all is well. Andrew.

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