Homeless does not mean helpless as some people think.
We are not all lunatics or alcoholics on the brink.
Our lives have just been changed to a great degree,
But we are still human beings if only you would see.

Many of us can be productive in societies race,
If only you would welcome us instead of turning your face
Everyone can become homeless it is all too true,
If you were to lose a couple of paychecks it could happen to you.

Looking at us people think that we’re just bums and crooks,
I wonder if they realize how much they hurt with looks.
Even though we may not have the good looks of the stars,
We do not spend all of our time buying drugs or sitting in bars.

Since I have been homeless and awful lot I’ve learned,
Everyone deserves the chance a decent wage to be earned.
So I’ll end this rhyme with one last simple note,
We just want to be a part, not way out and remote.

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