Yesterday while riding the bus I was asked if I had been in fire, I said “no” then it occurred to me it would have been a lot easier and less pain had I been, rather than the truth of what I’ve been through. Thinking about it one set of surgeries instead of a lifetime of them and pain. I was going through some of my old medical files and found where a dr. stated I had been through over 3000 procedures guess he was counting all the little ones too ,myself I only count the ones which were extensive or major why I say have been through 1708 operations. I have been lil nervous as of late with so many projects at once, my friend Richard Hayes in a coma and critical at the icu,and the potential to have my own apartment again . I haven’t had my own place indoors in over 14yrs it is a bit to think of. People have started finding my blog and have had interesting comments and praise for doing it.

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