circus days

My time with the circus industry was educational, hard work and dangerous at times bit it is also 18months of my life I will never forget. It all started rather auspiciously being stranded in ammish country in Pennsylvania; I learned a shrine circus was in town. I went and asked if they had any jobs the man looked at me quizzically at first then said “ok take this and follow me”. What I was handed was a wheelbarrow and shovel he took me out to the arena where the show was and the elephants were performing. He looked at me and told me to keep up no poop in all 3 rings. I jumped in and kept all three rings clear that was the start of 6 months traveling and hard and educational work with circus America, now when I say educational it wasn’t always fun to learn, like the time I realized a male lion can spray 30 feet to mark territory, I learned this at a distance of 3 feet and had to finish a 2 and half hour show smelling like lion working with animals who don’t like them. Next was the lesson of how to hold an alligator while placing in tank truck, I learned the most dangerous pats of that are a tail and teeth, one thing I should point out through all this was I was accepted for what I could do not how I looked or who I was,the other lessons I learned were many includindg earing peoples trust , I worked with aerialists

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One Response to circus days

  1. melinda montanez says:

    Very Interesting Life you have led Matt. Hugs, Mindy

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