yesterday I got to see just where i’ve come through to get where I am. let me explain , was walking with friend to coffee and as we were walking down sidewalk woman coming in other direction stared at me with disgusted look on face as she passed my friend another woman asked her if she had problem, then told her she should be ashamed, I told her it was nothing big am used to it and her reply was I shouldn’t have to makes me think how for years i have dealt with and seen looks and comments from people. so yesterday i changed my status on face book to include “I am who,what and how i am and look not entirely by choice but accept who i am dont judge me by how i look you will miss who i am inside”

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One Response to perspective

  1. Awesome train of thought–it can be applied to so many of us–we should all be blessed with your gift of inner-peace and confidence!

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