trust and love

Sometimes we all love and get hurt
And for some that makes us a little shy
To trust someone enough to love again
The pain makes it something we don’t want to try

If you don’t use your heart because of fear
That you might get it broken again like before
It may end up like anything never used
When you try to use it, it doesn’t care anymore

That’s how some of us on the street see you
In general a public who no longer wants to care
About the people who need your love and trust
The people on the street feel forgotten out there

So that’s how I see it and it’s not nice
The way this country has lost it’s trust and love
Because the fear of something one of us on the street
That thought they cannot rise above

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One Response to trust and love

  1. Beautifully written !
    I hope you like my poems ! 🙂

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