my night with at the I.D.A. banquet

Last night

Last night I had the priviledge and honor of spending time with a special friend, I have not seen in many years,the Invisible Disabilities association had their 4th annual awards banquet and fundraiser, this amazing organization was created and run by my dear friend Sherri mitchell connell and her husband Wayne,she and I grew up together in Grand Junction,Co.. I had not seen her in 30 years it was an emotional and wonderful reunion for us both. The other parts of the night included meeting author and speaker Luis Mantalvan and his service dog Tuesday, as well as meeting several people making a lot of new friends,besides seeing Sherri and supporting I.D.A. I was given the opportunity to adress those in attendance and tell them about my life and why IDA is so important to me. yes I got emotional and cried during my speech and afterwards was told I had inspired many in the room. this was a night I will never forget, and thank  Sherri,Wayne,and IDA for the privilidge and honor of sharing my thoughts.

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3 Responses to my night with at the I.D.A. banquet

  1. butilookgood says:

    It is true! Your presence, your story and what you had to say forever changed lives in that room! I still can’t believe you came all the way out here and am SO blessed that you did! You are an amazing, incredible man whose journey has been unfathomable. Thank you for having the courage to share your journey, so that others may “see” behind the scenes as to what you have endured, as well as take a look at their own lives with appreciating and motivation to reach out to others! LUVU buddy!!

  2. sue32061 says:

    so true, never judge a book by its cover you will miss the best parts and that is what is in the inside………

  3. andrea hagan says:

    awww i so feel your pain. i to am aware of the ignorence of the world. their parents should be ashamed of themselfs for not raising them wo a heart or brain:O(you right God does only give us what he believes we can bare. i will pray for more streangth for you, God bless you……… angles really are undercover:O)

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