can you imagine

can you imagine this:

coming home from whirlwind emotional trip through airport to have tsa worker get startled and say “oh i’m sorry i thought you were wearing a mask”

riding on a crowded bus sitting on extended seat with three spots empty but people would rather stand then sit next to you.

being in a major retail store and being asked to customer service then asked to leave because you scared another customers child.

being on a plane in an emergency row seat and being asked to move because you ask for an extension for the seatbelt.

having people walk past you on the street and stare and or whisper about how disgusting you look.

being asked to leave a theatre after paying good money because you have scared a child.

being told its not halloween take off the mask or where did you get it from.

can you imagine living with all these things, well i dont have to imagine i do everyday, never judge a book by its cover you never know who you will miss meeting.

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3 Responses to can you imagine

  1. butilookgood says:

    None of us can imagine the discrimination that you live with every day. The fact that you are so so loving and so kind to others in the midst of it all is what makes you an inspiration, my friend.

  2. Scott Floyd says:

    I can imagine the pain after reading the posts. Wow. See, I was lucky because I met you at St Joes and did not see the outside – God only knows why, I immediately saw you standing reading poetry to us at open mike night and saw a beautiful person.

    You became my friend and somehow I never saw the outside so I am saddened when people react like that, I am happy I was never surprised, shocked, scared, pitied you, or any of that. Even when I look at a picture of you I see a kind, deep voiced and helpful person. Those who just look at the outside, well, say a prayer for them and move on. Someday they may change and that wiull be a a great day,

  3. Sara Ann says:

    Matt, this is so sad. I had only a little taste of it recently after a slew of surgeries this summer. People wanted me to cover up my wounds when they were healing much better in the air. I didn’t oblige them. I’m so sorry you ran into such ugly people. They are the ugly ones, trust me.

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