living with and in pain

someone recently asked me how i do it, how do i deal with the pain every day, my answer I don’t think about it or try not to. somedays are better than others and after 20+ years of being in pain every day you just do best you can. I recently went on trip to denver by plane i knew the risks I would be taking but was worth it to see dear friend and meet new ones,it came with a price , since the trip I have learned my condition has worsened with new pain and problems, Dr. are at loss what to do with me, the price of being poor and surviving as much as I have, a long time ago I accepted that my life would be filled with pain and hurt and i live best I can as long as can, the truth is my life has been a struggle and challenge in a lot of ways but if my experiences can help others than it has been worth it. drs have told me they don’t understand how i am still going my simple answer God isn’t finished with me yet.

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6 Responses to living with and in pain

  1. butilookgood says:

    That is right!! He is working through you and touching lives! You are a walking miracle and He is using you in the midst of your unfathomable pain.

  2. You have done so much for so many Matt. You are a Giant of a human being and I am blessed to have been touched by your trust, your story, your life. I am forever altered. It’s unbearably heartbreaking to stand by and be helpless in easing your pain. I send you warm hugs and know I think of you in everything I do since I’ve met you. — Ilona

    • butilookgood says:


      Thank you for telling a story that needs to be told. Thank you for giving a voice to one that needs to be heard. Thank you for showing your love to this man who gives to so many, in the midst of his own suffering. Can’t wait to see your photo project!

      • I appreciate your voice in this. I know you have been a huge supporter and how much it meant to Matt seeing you and being at the IDA banquet. A circle of friends … to lift another.

  3. sue32061 says:

    you are a special person and were put on this earth to help others and you have touched many lives and helped more then you will ever know and when it is time for you to go Home there will be a special place for you there….. I am glad I met you and am your friend…………

  4. It’s only been a month or two since I’ve really gotten to know you as much as I have and I know God has taken me to a new realization about life. Matt, you are a very important messenger from God in my opinion, you have taught so many people about the realization of homelessness. That anyone can find themselves there, and we all need to have more compation and care for others no matter where they live. Also, I have never been one to look at a person’s “outer appearence”… but to be honest, I truly find you beautiful both outside and in. Sounds funny saying that to a guy, but it’s true. Your stength and honesty… I just find you totally an amaizing man. And I’m very blessed to have become your friend. Love You bunches Matt,,, Your Friend Always,,, Suz

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