why I am how I am

Recently people  and friends have been offering help and wondering why I am so hesitant or resistant to accept. the easiest explanation I can give is this most of my adult life i have had a person who I knew I could depend on, me, I don’t want to seem ungrateful or unappreciative of what has been and continues to be done for me, just please understand this is an adjustment for me, and have done for myself for so long . I have been hurt before trusting and accepting from others, am not saying people now will am just trying to explain where i and my thinking are coming from, yes people say i will give generously to others just trying to make others lives easier than mine has been,I hope this doesn’t offend or hurt anyone is not my intention.when you live with less or without for so long having things given to you and all is little hard to take,or believe you deserve

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2 Responses to why I am how I am

  1. Thank you for explaining Matt, no offense taken. I think we understand how hard it might be for you. No pressure 🙂

  2. Scott Floyd says:

    You and I have a good understanding. I offer and you accept or not. You never ask. If I think you are wrong I won;t hesitate to tell you and I know you will do the same with me. We have humor, Matt, and in the worst times we can use it. God love ya, ya make me smile and your self-reliance and pride is awesome. Absolutely.

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