a question i answered recently

a lady the other day overheard a conversation I was having on my phone. when I finished she asked if she could ask me few questions, not being the shy type I said sure, she asked if i believed in God , I said yes, she then asked if i thought he loved me again i said yes,then things got interesting, she asked if i believed in God and that he loved me how could i believe that someone who loved me coud let me go through what i have, I thought for a minute and replied,” I serve and believe in a Loving and all powerful God , as for how he can let me go through all this, he knows my strength and my weakness, knows what i have been through and where i am going,knows that through me and my suffering he can reach and touch others, i am who i am because of what i have been through and wouldnt wish it on anyone else but am also sure God only gives me what I can handle.” she looked at me shocked and asked how I could be this way, “mam, I have been through more than anyone should have to go through but I know that he has me here for a reason and until he is finished with me I keep going.

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3 Responses to a question i answered recently

  1. butilookgood says:

    Wow! Wow! Wow! This is incredibly powerful!

    You are absolutely right! People are often perplexed at how someone can love God, even though they are suffering. However, the Bible is very clear that this world is full of trials, tribulations, disease, war and famine, because this earth is a bit of dust and our bodies are mortal.

    However, if God chose to heal every person who came to Him, then every person would be lined up like children having tantrums, demanding we get everything we want and NOW. Of course, this would make our world even more full of self-centered brats who think WE are God, as we tell Him what to do. Moreover, what we receive would never be enough. It wouldn’t end with healing, but move on to wealth, power, destruction of our enemies and ultimately everlasting life in bodies that were not meant to last forever.

    At any rate, we can choose to live our lives on our own strength, which is fallible and limited or we can depend on the Lord for His strength, which is infinite and perfect. We can also choose to be angry at Him or we can use what we have been through to help others. The good news is that this world is not our home.

  2. Scott Floyd says:

    This is the story you told me at dinner the other night. I was so impressed and also not surprised with your answer. I have many faults, and God somehow has allowed me to be your friend. In doing that, I am able to fix some things in myself. I am a firm believer that God is not done with you and that your life has meaning. You are doing good – in me, at least. Bless you.

  3. Sandy says:

    I want to tell you how deeply humbled I am to have gotten to read about your life. You are an amazing soul and thank you for sharing your story. I cannot imagine how difficult it has been or how talking about it with ilona must have been emotionally exhausting. However, I believe you are here for a reason-perhaps people will learn more about tolerance and acceptance of people through your story. Bless you and take care.

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