saying what people do not want to hear

how exactly am i supposed to respond when dr tells me i may skip being able do hospice and my body may just fully shut down soon without warning or notice. that is what i am now being told that my body has been so strong and fought that it may just skip stages and crash on me. i know friends and people i know will not want to hear or accept this am not sure i want to, unfortunately I am not the one in control of this situation, for a long time now I have been ready to face my own death, just not sure how that will affect those i leave behind many tell me they are not ready for me to leave, truth is i don’t have lot input into that now i continue to fight as best i can though lately have noticed changes and other things that am not sure what will happen next

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One Response to saying what people do not want to hear

  1. Sara Ann says:

    Matt, VITAS hospice serves everyone, regardless of resources. You could give them a call and see what they have to offer, and whether it’s something you could benefit from. Hospice can help you live better when the timing of the end is uncertain.

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