an eventful weekend ahead

I start this weekend with bit of trepidation apprehension mixed with hope and curiosity, few things in my life this weekend, first I get to see the finished photo essay about me and my life before it goes online, three months this has been in the works with my dear new friend ilona and her amazing photo skills, I hope this project will enlighten, inspire move and motivate people to perhaps change how they see people around them,This has been an emotional and physically painful experience for me going over my life in its entirety, I wonder how people will take it and or see me after it is online, secondly am being a vendor at an alternative gift bazaar selling my poetry books hoping to raise 200 dollars for tent city 3 my home until 3 months ago for 3 years

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3 Responses to an eventful weekend ahead

  1. butilookgood says:

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers this weekend and as the photo essay goes forward! I can totally understand how going through the details of your life can cause emotional and physical pain. I don’t look forward to doing that with my autobiography some day.

  2. vicki l gough says:

    The story is amazing…its amazing how much one person can go thru and still wanna help other ppl…I’m inspired to be a better woman,sister and aunt…

  3. janice says:

    You are an inspiration.i have showed my children your pic,and shared your thank you.

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