My Poetry Book Now Available to Order!

It finally happened! My poetry collection is available to order! It is bound with a beautifully designed, color  cover (front cover photo courtesy of Ilona Berzups).

Order from my new CreateSpace eStore!

Thank you for your love and support everyone!

Book Description:

A View from the Street is a book of poetry written by a man who has lived on the streets off and on for much of his adult life.

Back Cover

He has lived in Portland, in Los Angeles under a bridge with The Trolls (a group of homeless street kids), in what is called, The Hole in Seattle and until September of 2011 he lived in Tent City 3, also in Seattle, for three years.

Matt expresses his thoughts and struggles with being homeless, stigmas and feeling forgotten, as well as his lifelong battles with 11 types of cancers.

Included in this book of heartfelt and thought provoking poetry, readers will find additional articles about Matt and letters to Matt from former President, Bill Clinton, the United States Senate and the Congress of the United States.

This book is 8 1/2 x 11 and 60 pages. Order Your Copy of this one of a kind book of poetry and be inspired by Matt’s amazing life!

About the Author:

Matt has been homeless for much of his adult life in Portland, Los Angeles and Seattle. He has lived in a tent in Seattle’s Tent City 3 for the past three until he recently was offered a subsidized apartment.

Matt has battled basal cell nevus syndrome, a genetic form of cancer passed down for six generations, since he was just two years old. In addition, he has fought 11 types of cancer over 44 years, four brain tumors, twice with lymphoma and bone cancer and all three types of skin cancers. Matt has had over 1708 operations.

Not only has Matt fought cancer, horrendous pain and homelessness, he has also endured unfathomable discrimination. Because of the extensive scaring Matt has on his face, Matt lives with stares, dirty looks and hurtful comments. Despite all he has gone through, friends who take the time to get to know Matt have found him to be the kindest, gentlest, most thoughtful person they have ever met.

In 2011, Matt had the opportunity to share his journey as a Special Guest at the Invisible Disabilities Association’s Honor Awards Banquet. Attendees were amazed by Matt’s story and deeply inspired by his perseverance and courage. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room when Matt spoke and as he stepped off the stage, people rose to their feet with applause.

Also in 2011, a Seattle freelance photographer, Ilona Berzups, chose to feature Matt in her photo essay titled, “Walking with Giant.”

Matt’s life, perseverance and courage are an inspiration to all.

Order Here!

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2 Responses to My Poetry Book Now Available to Order!

  1. Rick says:

    Uh, Giant. It’s snowing on your blog.

  2. butilookgood says:

    Congratulations, Matt! I am so excited about your poetry and life story being in print to share with others!

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