difficult decisions ahead

I have been on new med for a month now and the changes are noticeable both good and bad, pain is less dominant in head but now am feeling pain and having issues with other areas of body I have damaged and could not feel before ,this has led me to have some talks with dr. friends and discuss options though they are not pleasant either, have concluded that have torn up left knee and damaged it am using new brace i got from friend and seems help though surgery would be better option also think have cysts in my jaw this too would require surgery to fix but both would have to be under general anesthetic , the problem is that with damage tumors have done in head if i am drugged into sleep I may not wake up, I know this is hard news and not something I take lightly but it is what it is,the truth is I am not willing to risk surgery and not waking up, I would rather live how I can while and as long as can so I will continue to just grin and bear what I do

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