I have come to some difficult decisions lately and do not want people to think that I am quitting or giving up, rather i have based my choices on what i think is best for me at this time. 1. I will be stopping taking the scorpion venom when my current supply ends which is about 6 weeks,2. I am setting a goal to try to attend  the Invisible disabilities award banquet on Oct. 14 2012 in Denver, this is something I feel I need to do in setting a goal for myself to reach. 3. am working on sales of my book and trying to get digital version up for Kindle and other readers, 4. am working on new writings to try to make new somewhat auto biographical work, please do not take this as me giving up to cancer rather trying to prioritize what i can do while I am able to

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2 Responses to update

  1. Perry Brock says:

    Matt in all the years i have known you and called you friend and Family you taught me that a man should never give up and with that knowledge in hand i haven’t given up and i know that you wont either. we love you man your family. Perry Brock and family

  2. Rick says:

    Matt, we’ll stand by you no matter what. You’re a hero in my world.

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