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recently I have had a lot on my mind and being asked a lot of questions about my condition and how I keep going. I have made decisions both good and bad recently and I deal with them as best I can , after three months on the new medicine , I came to the decision the benefits of the reduction in pain in my head did not overrule the increased pain in other areas, knowing the costs of the med and the difficulty with getting it i decided to stop taking it, now let me state that I could have continued getting and using it but decided was not best for me.I am grateful for the option given to me to have and use it,the truth is I am facing what is happening to me and through me and trying to make the best of the time I have remaining , I have also been asked why I am struggling with so much pain rather than trying to take meds to lessen it, the simplest answer I can give is I want to be aware of what is going on in my life rather than being in a fog or haze, i know this takes more of a toll on me but i will be as strong as I can as long as I can,people tell me all the time they don’t know how I deal with it all, all I can say is i put it in God’s hands and trust in him and that he is not done with me yet

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  1. Jenny Coss says:

    You are an amazing witness!

  2. You are an inspiration on so many levels, as you know I have 2 copies of your book that I bought through Rex with the Homeless In Seattle page on Facebook. The determination and dedication you have is proof that the human spirit is alive and well within you. You carry the pain of the worlds issues within your body and put your hearts inspiration out in healing for others. I like you live with chronic pain, so knowing your choice to live with the pain and deal with the day head on is where I can say I understand completely your decision. I am trying to get a trip together to fly out to Seattle for a few days this summer to meet up with the Homeless In Seattle group and I do want to meet you in person in the few days I am there.
    Matt I keep you in my prayers and I send my love to you daily, I know the Lord has His hand upon you that He loves you very much and has given you strength, integrity and purpose. And from this gal in Central Missouri I have to say, I think you are doing an outstanding job for Him, your daily walk is a living testimony that is to be an example long after the many of us gone from this life’s quest on earth. You are beautiful to me and I just wanted to express my gratitude to you today.
    Much Love Always, Lynie with Bring In Light

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