people and cancer

I have been thinking about and on this blog for long time, it has made me think about where i have been what i have been through and where i am going. cancer does not discriminate like people do it doesn’t care about you age ,health, size,lifestyle, gender ,living conditions or anything it just attacks with a vengeance wanting nothing more than to destroy you and hurt those who care about will cause you to lose many things ,family friends, patience, strength,  body parts,disfigurement and self-esteem.through all this it does not care all it wants is to win and you lose. Fighting it is a never-ending time and energy-consuming task,still you try to keep a brave face and push on through your days of pain hurt and fatigue, going to doctors over and over tests and procedures over and over and at times you wonder if it will ever end.This weekend I was fortunate enough  to attend an american cancer society fundraising event called “relay for life” at a local university, I was humbled by the students and volunteers who gave their time and energy to raise over 16,000 dollars for A.C.S. I was one of six survivors there and the second oldest 4 of them were students at the school. I tell people I have cancer it does not have me, I will continue to fight as long and as hard as I can

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3 Responses to people and cancer

  1. Rick says:

    I have two other friends dealing with cancer. If I was going to make up a list of guys I know with the healthiest lifestyles, they would have been at the top.
    My doctor told me something recently that I’ve really been thinking about. She said, “No matter how healthy you eat, no matter how fit you keep yourself, no matter how many vitamins you take, sooner or later your body gives out on you.”
    Genetics dealt a bad hand to you, Matt. But all of us are facing the same fate at some point. We all would like it to be later, rather than sooner, and as pain free as possible. I don’t really understand why things happen the way they do. Really good people suffer and are taken away at a young age, and some really despicable people live in peace to a ripe old age, without a care.
    But I’m sure of a few things: that against the backdrop of eternity, the “momentary light affliction” will fade – like a woman who endures childbirth. She doesn’t focus on the pain after the baby is born; joy replaces the pain. And that’s the only way I can make sense of what you’re going through. At some point, joy and peacefulness will replace the sadness and pain. God grant you wisdom day by day, and the strength to do the right thing. Your many friends love you. And I count it a blessing to be among those.

  2. butilookgood says:

    You never cease to amaze me, my friend! This is beautiful! You have such a loving heart for others and never forget those who are suffering, even though your pain and agony have been with you daily for so very long. LUVU my friend!

  3. It is true – cancer can afflict anyone. I myself was diagnosed with lymphatic cancer in January of 2010. I was originally going to have my thyroid removed because I suffered fro graves disease – during the routine procedure, my surgeon was astute enough to see that my lymph nodes did not look healthy, so he took a biopsy. Sure enough, UW had a look and confirmed it was very early stage cancer. I’ve moved a couple of times since then and I’ve seen some docs, then had a cat scan in March of 2011 followed by a dose of radioactive iodine which is actually the treatment for thyroid cancer – but my thyroid was already removed. To be honest, I’m not even sure what my cancer status is today… I seem to have a hard time finding a doctor that will get all my records into one place and help me figure out what’s going on. I am not scared, but now that I read my own words I suppose I should probably be taking more of an active role in my health.

    Thanks for sharing your perspective Matt, I’m glad to have run across your blog via the HIS community. I will be looking forward to your next update! Cheers 🙂

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