this is what happens

when you are poor or low income and depend on Medicaid to cover what you need to try and stay healthy. you are at the mercy of bureaucratic and other people making decisions that affect you other than you I learned this again and having a chronic health problem changes nothing to them, I had a ct scan done last week which showed cysts in my jaws that need to be removed before causing more damage. The primary care Dr referred me to ent Dr first and that was denied then he referred me to oral maxi-facial surgeon and i was informed when i called to get appt that they only accept Medicaid for people under 19 everyone else is cash up front. when you consider the first appt to be seen would cost me over 250.00 and that’s just to be evaluated not including more tests or operation itself it is out of my reach. i have some tough decisions ahead and am about ready to walk away from the medical community again due to lack of faith in what they can actually do for me

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