my recent thoughts

Let me first say these are in no way intended to offend anyone but things i have been thinking about and feeling lately, I have come to the conclusion that our society has become one of non caring do your own thing no matter who it hurts and it is all about me people, the other day i was in a major retailer trying to do some shopping when my sciatic nerve flared up in my thigh causing more pain as i walked , i stopped briefly to try ease pain and got sandwiched between two shopping carts one driven by girl who was more interested in texting than where she was going the other by child with parent not paying attention i was hit in hurting thigh and lower back i dropped my basket and hobbled out of store without anyone store staff included saying a word, this isn’t the first time i have been disrespected in this store but will be last, now i may be part of the 47% that republicans feel are feeling entitled to help from the government and expect it well my response to that is when anyone of them has walked a mile in mine or any other disabled persons shoes of all the things and hoops we have to go through to get our benefits then maybe i will listen to their rhetoric until then don’t judge me or categorical me unless you know me, lastly yes i have been through a lot and yes i keep going but at times it is difficult answering questions over and obver , waiting for answers from dr about new med trials being misinformed or going through operations ect. take a toll which i rarely show or talk about, in other words please be patient God is not finished with me yet

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4 Responses to my recent thoughts

  1. sue32061 says:

    Matt you know you are always in my thoughts and prayers, God does have a special plan for you and one day it will be revealed, but I do think it is being revealed to us all everyday, as the trials and pain you are going threw, I know that I want to complain about my own pain but I see what you have and are going threw and it has helped to make me a stronger person..
    Thank you for being my friend it is a friendship that will always be special to me

  2. Jenny Coss says:

    Oh Matt, I am hurt when I hear you experience these things. It is true that people seem to be totally oblivious to other’s feelings or pain; many are out of take care of #1 (themselves) and that is all. I have probably done that too at times, not being aware or considering others. Or perhaps I have made a snap judgment about someone based on a first impression that is so wrong. Oh Lord, forgive me and give me your grace to give to others that I maybe totally aware of and in awe of the power that you can have to transform lives — even the most selfish and hard of hearts. You Lord, can work miracles!

  3. I am really sorry to hear this, this is just horrible. And I agree with you, people are more selfish than ever these days. -Emily

  4. Bruce Davis says:

    Father Paul introduced my wife and I to you today at Christ Our Hope. He gave us a copy of your book. I’m reading it tonight. Your poems are revealing, interesting and important. I gave you my card. I hope to see you again at church. Perhaps we could have coffee or lunch some day. My treat.

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