I am not one who complains or rants a lot so please excuse me while i get on my soapbox , recently I applied for new benefits from   social security that could have changed things for me dramatically but was denied as they said due to lack of evidence of disablility, now for those of you who know me you know i have struggled with illness and surgeries most of my life, true i have been on ssi for 22 years now but that is considered temporary and can be taken away at anytime they deem it , it is called an entitlement something i am given, now i hear congress wants to trim entitlements to help balance the budget and avoid the fiscal cliff rather than increase taxes on those making $250,ooo a year or more . ok lets make a compromise i offer this challenge to the congress and 2% who make over the 250,000 dollar limit , I will give up my 694 dollar a month ssi check and go back to living in a tent if you are willing to give up your paychecks and do the same we will see who lasts longer. I received a notice in mail my food stamps are being cut to 175 dollars a month in January , how many politicians could survive on that little a month in food, i have endure many hardships in my life as many of my friends have as well and we know what it means to go without or with less , my world has been filled with pain heartache and suffering and yet here i am still going on, the help i need i do not get but still i continue

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2 Responses to entitlement

  1. Lisa Rose says:

    i am so very sorry Matt that you are being put through this, if anyone deserves this help you do,
    By the way, i recieved your sweet Christmas Card today, it is hanging right here over my computer,
    Your a genuinly sweet human being. and i treasure you as my friend, i will say a special prayer for you every day to the great spirit, that he will make your journey here, better xoxoxo Your friend,
    Lisa Rose.

  2. butilookgood says:

    Knew this was going to happen. Medicaid had already been cut by billions. Sorry to those who thought “free” healthcare is actually free and good quality care. Matt, sorry you are living with the consequences. We already had healthcare for low income families who did not have insurance and now those are being cut as well. I am seeing many changes in my medical coverage, expenses, taxes and care, too and so are many business owners who are working hard to provide jobs. These are horrible times for everyone and worse for those who are dependent on government assistance. So sad! … Sorry about the rant. I am not wanting to start an argument here on Matt’s page. 🙂

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