my trip to colorado

First let me say thank you to all those who made this trip possible. it has been on my heart and mind for a long time. the trip started with a ride from new friend naomi to the airport for my flight saturday afternoon, i got to the airport in plenty of time and she was so instrumental in organizing this whole thing, I made it to grand junction with few issues though wish the layover in salt lake would have been lil longer it was a rushed walk getting between gates, I met my old friend paul at the airport in GJ. where we went to the hotel grand vista my dear friend Kathy had set up , little did i know what an adventure that first night there would be, in addition to me there were 10 Jr. High girls volleyball teams at hotel that night , paul and i had lite dinner after checking in then I went to my room . now after a day of travel and switching planes I think most people would agree a shower and rest were in order well that didn’t go as planned , you see the afore-mentioned girls had used up all the hot water in the hotel and my shower was tepid at best, i endured it then called friend in washington to assure them i was ok and in colorado . i explained what was going on and she demanded i call the desk and complain. oh i forgot to mention after my very quick shower as i was laying down the teenagers were running through the halls screaming and yelling. it took a lil bit of self control not to open door attempt to scare them and yell at them, i called the desk and complained about lack of hot water and the screaming and was assured it would be dealt with. i got 4hrs sleep that night i think , I woke up the next morning to it snowing and coffee in room that was like water i went down to the restaurant to get more and hopefully stronger coffee while waiting for 8 am and visit from my friend Kathy,  she got there a little after 8 we had breakfast there then went for drive around town after talking for about an hour in hotel , we reminisced about old school days her brother and other things then we went out for drive around town, she showed me where my friend sherri’s house was and where she used to live we even got within 200 yards of my old house, we went through the renovated downtown and stopped at enstroms toffee which she wasn’t sure would be open on a sunday but it was we got our goodies and left , drove around through a light snow so couldn’t take many pictures . we went back to the hotel asked desk person to take our picture in lobby and said a sad goodbye . I will add more in another post but wanted to share a little with everyone100_0535

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