my birthday

soon it will be my birthday again and recently i was talked into having a party this time, now for those of you who don’t know I am not a big party person nor am i fond of events that focus on me. I would much rather just go without a party, you see my birthdy has a duel meaning it is when i was born but it is also the anniversary of my original diagnosis of having cancer at the age of 2 , now for many that would be a happy time for me though it is a reminder of how many years i have survived when i should not have and the trials and tribulations i have been put through not all for my benefit, as a result my birthday has become a day I rather do not like

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One Response to my birthday

  1. butilookgood says:

    Matt, no one can begin to imagine what you have been through your whole life! I know huge tribulations can ruin birthdays, holidays, etc. when many years of bad experiences and hard times are attached. You have endured so much heartache and pain my friend!

    I hope that starting today, you can see the friends who love you and want to honor you, as a gift that can begin to change a bad day to a good one. And I hope that you can count the suffering as triumphs, because you are a fighter, a champion, a miracle! God has used you to touch so many lives!

    I know it hasn’t been easy for even a moment! But today, I thank God for getting you through so much and for blessing my life with YOU!!

    I love you!! ~Sherri

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