craziness of being on medicaid

165 days ago I went through 2 operations and was kept overnight at U.W. Medical center for removal of cancerous areas in my scalp behind my ear and my right cheek and subsequent reconstruction. well today I receive in mail a form from DSHS asking questions about the injury to my cheek and whether there was another insurance that would pay for it , apparently it is state law that when a person on Medicaid is reported injured the state must investigate to see what other insurance can pay and how injury happened, now I have to ask myself since when is cancer removal an injury and why can’t dshs figure this out due to referrals and requests made by both Drs to get surgeries approved beforehand, now the form says if i do not respond within 30 days my Medicaid will be revoked where is the sense in any of this and who is to blame U.W. Medicine or DSHS and their bureaucracy, this is one of many reasons I do not like having to deal with politicians and social workers making decisions about my health care

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