my current view or opinion of medical providers and their thinking and expectations isn’t very good right now, for weeks Drs with neurology and other departments at the hospital have been trying to convince me to do more tests and scans which i neither want or feel will benefit me in anyway , so i have politely refused , that changed today when a resident Dr. called saying he wanted me to come in for tests and a milagram and mri I asked why and response I was given was they wanted study them not to benefit me but to study for other patients, I informed him that I would not be doing any more tests or scans that were not for my benefit and was told as a patient of their hospital being a teaching hospital it should be my duty to help them with whatever they needed. Funny I thought they were supposed to be helping me, when I again repeated my response of no there was an insinuation that i would be reported to medicaid and ssi for not complying with dr suggested treatment, now I try to be patient and understanding of residents but sometimes they really push buttons they shouldn’t with me,I called my primary care Dr. office and left message for him to call me about this . I have had to make some very difficult and trying decisions about me and my health care as of late and do not need someone telling me what is my expected duty as a patient of a teaching hospital

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2 Responses to update

  1. Lucel-Melody Wings says:

    They are MAJORLY WRONG!

  2. butilookgood says:

    You are not being non-compliant! That term is to be used only when a doctor feels they have a necessary treatment for YOU and YOUR benefit, but you refuse. This person is wrong and needs to be reported.

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