my choices

I realize what i am about to say may offend and hurt some people but i need to say it, today i was told by Dr. that recent blood tests show progression and worsening of lymphoma i have been fighting along with the other cancers I am battling , when I told someone I thought was a friend and told them I would not be going into hospital to seek help or comfort from all this I was replied to that i was being selfish stupid and stubborn for not wanting to do everything i could to extend my life and ease my suffering, I know everyone has their own opinions of what I should be doing but in the end the choice decisions and consequences are mine and no one elses . some people do not understand or fathom what i and my body have been through all these years and there comes a time when you have to say no, yesterday was very hard on me both physically and emotionally an anniversary that hurts me on many levels it was 30 years ago yesterday that Dr removed my second cancer from my back which cost me 75% nerve damage to my left leg which i live with every day since, I know that my time may be getting short but please allow me to spend it how i want and need to

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  1. As I mentioned before, this is your journey and I support you 110% in all of your choices. Even though you are in Seattle, WA. and I am in Jefferson City, MO. you know as sure as the sun rises, if you ever need me there at your side, I would be there in a heartbeat my friend. I love and miss you tremendously..! Yes, it’s tough to know the pain and torment you are enduring, yes I am going to miss your big ole fantastic hugs, though you and I will ALWAYS be together as love lives forever and it’s the only surety we have in this world and in the hereafter. So guess what, Sweet-pea, you are stuck with this ole Missouri gal for all time and eternity..!
    Sending my love across the miles, Lynie

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