it is difficult to explain what is going on in my head let alone what is going through it , i do know it is not fear more an uneasiness and uncertainty as to what will happen next , had long talk with my Dr. and was told that things may occur rapidly and things will change not for the better, in his words he sees three options in outcome none very good, due to damage in my brain it could seize and just stop working , i could stroke and not recover or my body may just shut down without warning from the strain it is under, I am facing these as bravely and strongly as i can the thought of going from mobile and functioning to not quickly does not thrill me but i understand that this has been a long and stressful fight and a price will be paid , we can not prevent or predict when this will happen just that it is coming and soon, people tell me i am strong and have beaten odds before this is true but these changes are something I can not ignore or dismissImage

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