It has been a week since my two year anniversary of being in my apartment, i look back at all the changes that have occurred during that time good bad and otherwise. I have had a stable indoor home for two years my books of poetry are professionally published and going around the globe, although my health is declining i am still here and fighting as best I can against what Dr.s have said and expected , as one friend puts it I am too stubborn to die or give in to what medicine says I am, or as another dear friend says God isn’t finished with me here yet, have had to deal with my exgf finding my place and causing a scene not once but twice and her leaving nasty hurtful comments on my blog, I have rekindled old friendships and started new ones all of which mean more to me than i can say

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  1. Ilona Berzups says:

    Thanks for sharing this Matt, I’ve been thinking about you. I’ve had my share of hard times these last few months but nothing compares to what you endure. It helps me keep things in perspective. I see you deactivated your Facebook account? I deactivated mine last week and only keeping the business page (http://facebook.com/ilopix). I don’t know what’s next for me but appreciate that you keep me in the loop. Your blog posts and/or email is the best way to stay connected right now. Take good care my friend, Ilona


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