I consider myself a patient and tolerant human being but yesterday tested that, i went out to try to do some errands even when not feeling good, I got onto the bus it was fairly full as i made my way towards the back I bumped into lady i didn’t see her as she was on my left side said excuse me and response i got was being called monster and few other choice words will not repeat here. to be honest i am tired of people seeing me as a monster ,freak ,beast or worse people really do not want to see my mean and ugly side come out, one fear I have with my health worsening and damages in my brain increasing is losing control of my emotions in a situation like yesterday, this would not be good as i am bigger than any player currently in the NFL and have strength to match . few people know or remember me from my young adult anger days and i am grateful for that it has taken a lot of time patience and training to change from whom i used to be i am proud of that change and hope to never see old me again

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  1. linda says:

    So sorry that you have encountered such hostile ignorance. I suspect that person is dealing with some strange suffering of their own, and just doesn’t understand…
    I wish more people understood that we are all in this together.
    Perhaps your heart has grown big enough to handle all the emotions you will encounter in the future?

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