update 3-17-14

this isn’t easy to write and harder to tell people, I went to the E.R. almost two months ago due to issues I was having though I didn’t really want to go. while there they did a new ct scan on my head the neurologist i saw here in Seattle sent scan and results to neuro surgeon who treated me in Portland,Oregon . the results are 50% increase mass upper right side of brain and 65%+ increase mass left side brain mass which is causing wedge affect and literally ripping upper left side of brain away from rest of brain, the Dr. suggested I come into hospital so they could try and ease my pain as there are no other real options they have as tumors are inoperable, i declined her  suggestion as knowing that would mean being hooked up to I.V. and heavily drugged and in fog i don’t want that. things are changing and have noticed more pain and pressure in head as well as other issues becoming moire wide spread in my body ie shakes spasms cramps and numbness, I am trying be strong and face what is coming as bravely as I can . this is previous image of smaller tumor now add 50% tumor2

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2 Responses to update 3-17-14

  1. butilookgood says:

    No one can imagine the pain you are enduring and the changes you are facing. Your life has been a testimony of determination, survival and perseverance! You have touched countless lives and will leave a legacy through your story and poetry. I know losing your independence is your biggest fear, as do we all. I hope that if and when the day comes when you need help, you will allow those who love you and the medical system to provide the care you need. My life has been blessed by your friendship and I cherish every day we have left. LOVE you!!

  2. Scott says:

    Matt, thanks for telling me yesterday. You know I am here for you, as are many friends.

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