my situation

I had a friend invite to an event this week but when i declined I got a nasty private message saying I was being selfish and rude not going to it and sharing my time with people who care about me. now let me be clear I try to go to as many things as I can but I do not have the strength and energy that i used to fighting the pain and pressure in my head and other issues going on in my body take a heavy toll to my energy and strength. i am not incapacitated but I choose to conserve my energy and use it as I want not on every whim. this being said I am not trying to avoid people rather trying to use what time i have in what I see as best way possible, and let me say if people think i am being rude or selfish then delete me i do not need the stress

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One Response to my situation

  1. butilookgood says:

    WHAT? OK people! A person who is living with a debilitating illness has to use their energy to care for themselves and once in a while, maybe go somewhere for fun. If we can’t go, don’t take it personally. Instead, try to be supportive by saying, “I am sorry you couldn’t make it. We missed you. Maybe I can come to your place and bring you dinner so we can visit sometime?”

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