today 4-9-14

after losing a dear and long time friend Monday night in Portland or ,i am really struggling with the choice to keep fighting my battle, my body is failing the pain and pressure in my head is getting worse and am watching myself withdraw from things and people because I do not want them see the pain I am in and how difficult the fight is becoming . part of me wants the pain to end but there is only one way that happens and not very many are ready for that . Though to be honest I have been researching ways to end my troubles

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2 Responses to today 4-9-14

  1. butilookgood says:

    Matt, I don’t blame you for thinking this way! But allow your friends to make the decision what we can handle. I don’t want to see you in pain, for your sake, but not for mine. Many people won’t be able to handle it, but we only need a few real friends in our lives. Real friends don’t run. Real friends want you around until God decides to take you home. You are losing your independence, I know that is very, very hard for you and for anyone! But when the time comes, get the help you need. People can come to you to visit, even if you become bedridden you are still a valuable person!

  2. Charlie Logan says:

    This breaks by heart, but your true friends will stick with you until the end. I’m so sorry for your suffering, but your bravery in the face of your adversity is a wonder to behold.

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