my choices my life

Recently I had a friend ask me why I am not more involved and helping with homeless issues as i used to be, the answer is I have had to make some difficult decisions and changes in my life for me , I do not have all the strength and energy I used to and even though advocacy is still a passion of mine I have had to dial back my efforts and do things more behind the scenes . I have withdrawn from different agencies and things i used to be involved in and support though i still try to do little things here and there though I don’t talk about them much, I have been quietly trying expand distribution of my book but not on a profit basis rather trying to educate and open Peoples eyes to the true meaning of homelessness and poverty and disability issues , Yes I have been accused of forgetting where I came from and what I and others have been through that is far from the truth ,I am just not as visible or out there in the lime light as i used to be, I have been doing advocacy work a long time and have learned where and when to express my thoughts. So let me finish this with this statement my choices and life are mine if you do not like them get out of my life!

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2 Responses to my choices my life

  1. butilookgood says:

    Accused of forgetting? Non-sense! You are having to focus on survival. PERIOD.

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