a difficult decision

I have made a difficult decision and have started the process of going forward with Death with Dignity which is legal in the state of Washington , this is not something I do lightly and have already run into resistance and issues with DSHS and Medicaid over wanting more medical information and tests to approve the referrals to Psychological Dr. and Pain specialists as is required by the program, These delays could take months which oi may or may not have . It is frustrating depending on others who do not have knowledge of what I am going through to make decisions that affect me. I have made this decision and whether you agree with it or not the final decision is mine, I hope people will respect that .I have endured a tremendous amount of pain and suffering which continues to get worse but I now have to look at quality of life versus quantity 

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3 Responses to a difficult decision

  1. Blaine Boogert says:

    Godspeed, old friend. I hope you find peace soon.

  2. Victoria Hedler says:

    You are such a strong person with great dignity and love. We as your friends will always be here for you. I stand behind your choices you have and will make. God Speed my friend!!

  3. Deanna Kiefer Vandermeer says:

    The choice is yours and yours alone and those who don’t or can’t understand will just have to move on. I will always stand by you and your decisions, whatever they may be. My prayers and thoughts are with you always my dear friend.

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