my medical situation in simple terms

I had someone ask me to explain what is going on in me medically in simple or layman’s terms , so here is my attempt at that .I am battling 5 different cancers currently two brain tumors lymphoma in my chest osteo sarcoma or bone tumor in my right femur [thigh bone] and my genetic multi system cancer and all of its affects, so what does this mean , well the tumors in my brain one could be operated on and removed but doing so would put me at risk by exposing the other tumor to oxygen which could make it grow even more quickly not to mention the risk of putting me under general anesthetic to do operation I may not wake up. next the lymphoma if i were normal Dr. would go in and remove affected lymph nodes then potentially give me chemo and radiation, not an option as with above and surgery and my genetic cancer feeds off radiation, osteo sarcoma only way to deal with it would be to remove my leg at hip something I am not willing to do,and again risk of major operation and not waking up, then you come to my genetic type which currently involve a cyst in my jaw which is attached to two of the few remaining teeth I have left on my lower jaw and is eating my jaw at same time , the treatment would be to go in remove cyst and teeth and then use liquid nitrogen to spray and freeze surrounding tissue and bone to make sure they got all of cyst as it is that is not an option so I wait for potentially my jaw to break without warning, there are also several skin cancer lesions that need treatment but why put myself through more pain for such lil help so I hope this gives a simplified explanation of what I am facing not to mention the increased pain and pressure in my skull from the tumors and their destruction which regular pain meds can not help with , my only options for this would be to go into hospital be restricted to bed due to amounts and types of drugs would have to be given to try to ease my pain . I hope you understand why I do not choose that option

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