a little History

As many of you know my story I was homeless for an extended part of my adult life and not entirely by choice.I spent many years on the streets of this country and have been an advocate for homeless and change in the way they are perceived and treated . Back in 2003 the federal government sent a message to state and local governments across the country that they had to conceive and implement a 10 year plan to reduce or eliminate homelessness or risk losing federal funds for programs . well it has been almost ten years now and few states have come close to this goal the closest being Utah while other states have gone in the opposite direction actually making it illegal in their states to be homeless or for people to try and provide the simplest needs to the homeless like food and water . South Carolina has cities where it is illegal to be homeless and Florida and other states have threatened community people for trying to provide food and water to homeless with fines and or jail time .I wonder how the decision makers in these states would feel if they were the ones in need of help and being denied or seeing the people try to help you being harassed by police, as a former homeless person I am angered  at what i see happening even here in Seattle a homeless man was sleeping near a memorial for firefighters who had died on duty when two firefighters and one’s girlfriend started an incident with him ,people were upset by it but when the homeless man didn’t want to cooperate with the d.a. office the case was dropped though there were several other eye witnesses to the incident , who gives people the right to morally judge who deserves to be somewhere or not in the constitution we are all guaranteed the right of freedom life liberty and the pursuit of happiness but some seem to forget that.





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