my thoughts

While I appreciate everyone’s input as to alternative treatment options i.e. cannabis oil, medical marijuana, sour sop ect. I do not feel they are right for me . I have tried alternative treatments and have tried new  drugs with little if any results or help. but in the end the decisions are mine what to do for me , and I am in process of making some difficult and final one which I know many will not agree with or like but I am doing what I think is best for me . things will be changing soon and I am not ready to explain all of it just know that I am trying to do what I see as best for me. Recent events and procedures have shown me little help from the medical community or DSHS or Medicaid in my future . Dr want me on new drug but I can not qualify for trials and Medicaid will not pay for it because it is too expensive and Dr. feels they cannot keep up with the skin cancer lesions I have and refuse to do further procedures.

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  1. Victoria Hedler says:

    God Speed to you my friend! It is your decision and yours alone. I will back you on whatever you decided. Remember we all love you!

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